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Our Beer ▼

Dark and viscous, with notes of coffee and chocolate on the nose. This Imperial Stout boasts a well-rounded roasted character coupled with coffee and chocolate on the palate. It coats the mouth for a creamy, silky feel, which lingers long after the sip is gone. It has a dark off-white head that lingers and laces almost the entire glass.

Bomb Island is located on Lake Murray, and served as a practice range for B-17 bombers during WWII.

Stout (Imperial)

Ahh, you can’t help but remember those days of lying by the shore with friends. Good tunes, sunshine, and memories made that make you smile, even to this day. We were always looking for the right drink to share and enjoy for moments like these. Something that reminds us of the sunshine, the crispness of the water, and the cool breeze that swept across our face. You know – sunshine in a bottle!  The brewer has tinkered with this recipe to make it as juicy and delicious as possible. Citrus flavor abounds with a hint of zest that has enough sweetness to tame those hops and leave you with pure sunshine in a glass. Cheers!

IPA (American)

What started as a brewing experiment in yeast management has become a homegrown favorite. This wheat beer is brewed with a custom yeast blend for a soft, refreshing flavor  with notes of citrus and banana. 

Wheat Beer (American)

Named after the brewer’s lovely neighbor, this WHEAT BEER is brewed with heaps of raspberries for a delightfully tart, refreshing flavor. 

Wheat Beer (American)

Angry Fish Brewing Co. Proudly presents: nostalgia in a glass. A soft wheat malt pairs excellently with notes of orange and vanilla – the result tastes just like a Dreamsicle! Kick your feet up, relax, and let this beer take you back to your childhood. 

Wheat Beer (American)

Calling all hopheads! This dank, West Coast Style IPA was born out of the brewer’s love for hoppy beer. Cosmic, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops are added in abundance to reach an unbelievable 105 IBUs! If you love hoppy IPAs, this is the one for you.

IPA (West Coast)

Angry Fish’s Key Lime Gose was conceived from a desire to strike a balance; brew a beer as traditional to a style as possible, while still allowing for modern interpretation. Fresh key limes are fused with the transitional gose style for a beer that is crushable, light, tangy, and slightly salty. Perfect for a day out on the boat, or while mowing the lawn!


For those of us who dare to be different – Drinks like a stout, looks like a blonde. Tasting notes include heavy coffee and a little chocolate with a full, creamy mouthfeel, but with a flavor so light, you could drink it for breakfast (Kidding). 

Stout (Blonde)

Designed with a clean malt bill that gets out of the way -this one is all about showcasing a single hop. This beer contains all Azacca hops creating a great pineapple nose and pineapple on the palette. The 100 IBUs are covered nicely; they can only be detected at the very end on the back of the palette, and the bitterness disperses quickly. The aroma and taste keeps you coming back for more. 

IPA (American)

Just because it’s not an IPA doesn’t mean it can’t be bursting with flavor! With careful hop selection, this pale ale is full of fruit flavor while retaining the easy, balanced drink-ability that the style is known for. 

Pale Ale (American)

This straw-colored, hazy IPA has a nose of pineapple and grapefruit that couples with a pallet of grapefruit that has a slight bitterness that only lingers for a moment and leaves a refreshing citrus flavor. 

IPA (New England)

Hazy but not opaque, an abundance of late edition hops create a citrusy offering that gives everyone a chance to enjoy an IPA that’s juicy, not bitter.

IPA (New England)

Additions of coffee beans from Riptide Coffee Co. allows coffee and hoppy flavors to pair together – creating a unique take on the IPA that is sure to pique your interest. 

IPA (American)

Angry Fish Brewing Co.’s first lager! This crisp, refreshing beer has arrived just in time for Summer in the “famously hot” Columbia. Perfect fore cookouts, boating, or any other activity in need of refreshment. 

Lager (Amber)

2 Drunk Guys Amber

First envisioned by two inebriated homebrewers, 2 Drunk Guys is a deep amber colored ale. It has a great malt profile that creates a silky sweet, caramel flavor, with notes of nuttiness. 

Amber Ale

This ale is loaded with raspberries and soured. Raspberries are prominent on the nose and the palette. The tang and tartness from the fruit adds a nice layer of complexity. 

Sour Ale

Light-bodied with a golden hue, this classic styled West Coast IPA has a piney and resinous hop profile that is balanced nicely with a slightly sweet malt bill.

IPA (West Coast)

A Medium-bodied ale, this IPA is double dry hopped (DDH).The result is an ale that is bursting with citrus and bitterness from the three pounds of hops per barrel.

IPA (East Coast)

An American wheat ale infused with cherry and lime for a refreshing flavor. The notes of cherry are prominent on the nose. The combination of cherries and fresh-squeezed limes strike a perfect combination of sweet and tart. 

Wheat Ale (American)

Light-bodied and straw-colored, with just enough hops to accentuate the refreshing lemon grass with a slight white head.


This Gose is tart but light and infused with loads of blackberries. It was brewed with lactose and vanilla to give it a creamy look and mouth feel.


This classic IPA style is infused with the sweet and tart combination of mangoes and cherries. The added heat of Sam’s Revenge peppers make this ale truly unique.

IPA (American)

Copious amounts of crystal malts coupled with a hefty amount of pale malt give this brown a caramel and nutty finish that pours with a slightly off-white head.

Brown Ale

With a hefty amount of rye, this beer has a prominent black pepper spice that couples well with the generous amounts of hops but has enough malt backbone to provide a medium-bodied beer that finishes sweet and spicy, with enough bitterness to make any hop head rejoice.

IPA (Imperial)

An American Wheat Ale infused with locally grown tree-ripened peaches that evokes memories of peach ice cream on grandma’s back porch.

Wheat (American)

We soaked pecans in bourbon, sprinkled a little brown sugar and toasted. The pecans were added to a medium-bodied porter that pours brown with a slightly off-white head and presents flavors and aromas of chocolate with only a slight hint of roasted coffee.


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Established in 2018, Angry Fish Brewing Co. is Lexington, South Carolina’s first commercial brewery, and we have big plans ahead!

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Frequently asked questions

On a fishing trip in Lake Murray, The brewer had hooked a monster fish with a giant red eye. On the way home, everyone was mentioning how angry the fish had looked, and the name was born. 

Yes! All well behaved dogs are welcome both outside and in the taproom. 

Unfortunately, current South Carolina law dictates that production breweries cannot self-serve food on the premises. However, we frequently feature various food trucks, follow us on your preferred social media platform for additional information. 

We also have several local restaurants in the area that are more than happy to deliver! 

Our beer is currently limited to our taproom.  We do offer growler and crowler fills to go. We will notify you via social media if we ever begin selling in local stores. 

See You Soon!